Application proces

Undergraduate BA Studies:

Should you have any questions about the studies, admissions or general inquiries please contact us by email.
Graduates of all high schools with an interest in interdisciplinary studies can apply for admission to Jewish Studies: Jewish and Israeli Studies. A combination with any other UP programme is possible (if the other program allows it). Combinations are with history, linguistics or philosophy are particularly recommended. The application process is composed of a learning assessment test given by the Faculty of Arts and an interview that focuses on the candidate's motivation for the studies.
The electronic version of the test can be found on the Faculty's website at 

Graduate Studies:

Interview - Questions will be asked from the applied. The current and future professional orientation of the candidates debate, on the basis of a written future thesis project (3 pages). The project is to be submitted at the entrance exam. You can use the text of your bachelor thesis or another scholarly paper.
If the applicants come from a different field of study or from a different university, they submit also their diploma supplements, or a list of attestations of the Bachelor studies validated by the former university.
For more general information about the admissions please visit the Faculty's website


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