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Centrum judaistických studií Kurta a Ursuly Schubertových
FF UP v Olomouci

Tř. Svobody 26,

CZ - 772 00 OLOMOUC

tel. (00420) 585 633 203; (00420) 774325132

e.mail judaistika@ff.upol.cz 

The Kurt and Ursula Schubert Centre for JewishStudies at the Faculty of Arts at Palacký Universityin Olomouc constitutes institution, which in 2006 bygaining the accreditation for a follow-up Master’sprogram - Jewish Studies: History and culture of theJews – as a fisrt in Czech Republic filled a gap in thefield of scientific discussion about the researchof Jewish topics which has a strong and rich traditionin Bohemia and Moravia. CJS focuses on the educational model of Jewish Studies.


Jewish Studies: History and culture of the Jews(graduate programme) or Jewish and Israeli Studies(undergraduate programme) represents a uniqueopportunity to get acquainted with the history,cultural benefits, current developmentand functioning of the Jewish society not onlyin our country but also on the global scale and offers versatile academic education, including the mostimportant aspects of Jewish culture, including religion, history, sociology, literature and arts.

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