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§ 1. The electornic Internet journal Judaica Olomoucensia  is published by the  Palacky University Olomouc.

§ 2. The goal of the journal is to present the research results of well-established and emergining scholars primarily in the fields of history of Moravian Jews but also of Jewish and Israeli studies in general.

§ 3. The journal is published since fall 2013 with the frequency of 2 regular issues per year.

§ 4. The journal is published by the Kurt and Ursula Schubert Center for Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Arts.

§ 5. Judaica Olomucensia is published exclusively in an electronic form at: judaica.upol.cz

§ 6. Judaica Olomucensia is published and registered under ISSN 1805-9139.


§ 1. Peer review

As Judaica Olomucesia is an academic journal; all contributions submitted for publication will undergo an anonymous peer review process to establish that they fulfill formal and content criteria appropriate for Jewish studies.

§ 2. The peer review process and Reviewers

The peer review process at Judaica Olomucensia consists of a double blind review by at least two Reviewers whereby at least one should be from a different institution as the author of the contribution. For the purposes of peer review, the journal Judaica Olomucensia makes a standard form available either sent directly to the Reviewers by the editorial board or at the editorial offices of the journal.

§ 3. The final decision

The final decision whether to publish a contribution is made by the Editor-in-Chief on advice from the Reviewers.


§ 1. Authors

Authors whose contributions are accepted for publication in Judaica Olomucensia must not be anonymous. By submitting their contribution, they agree that their professional profile and affiliation be made public in the form of a short bio attached to their contribution.

§ 2. Contributions

Judaica Olomucensia publishes original works authored by members of the academic and scientific community, as such it will not publish any text (with only rare and justified exception) that has already been published. The copyright of the Contribution must belong to its Author(s) without any limits. The Author(s) must not violate copyright or any other rights of any third parties by the contribution and shall be fully responsible for any damages that could arise if the rights are not respected.

§ 3. Submitting

Judaica Olomucensia accepts submission written in English, submitted to the Editor-in-Chief at the email address indicated on this website.

§ 4. Disclaimer

The published Contributions may not reflect the opinions of the Board, the Editor-in-Chief or the Publisher, all the responsibility remains with their Author(s).


§ 1. Editorial board

The editorial board („Board“) of Judaica Olomucensia has an odd number of members, at least 11. The Editor-in-Chief of Judaica Olomucensia is its member and chairperson. The members of the Board are appointed by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Palacky University Olomouc based on nominations by existing Board. Should the Board become unable to reach consensus for any reason, the the Vice-Dean will nominate new members of the Board.

§ 2. Board member elections

New Board members are elected individually at a regular Board meeting. Any member of the Board has the right to suggest a new member. A vote by the simple majority of all board members is needed for a valid election. Should the quorum not be reached due to low attendance at the meeting, the election must be repeated at the closest following Board meeting. At the repeat election, a simple majority of present Board members is sufficient.

§ 3. Membership of the Board

Members of the Board are chosen from among world-renown experts in Jewish and Israeli studies with a focus on history and culture of Jews of Moravia. External, foreign experts make up at least 8 of 11 members of the Board and at least 3 members are internal, as deputies and representatives of the publisher, Palacky University.

§ 4. Cessation of Board membership

Membership of the Board ceases by resignation of its member at a Board meating, the board accepts the resignation.In extraordinary cases, a written resignation into the hands of the Editor-in-Chief is also accepted. The Editor-in-Chief must submit it at the closest following Board meeting. Membership of the Board also ceases through removal at a Board meeting.

§ 5. Removal of Board membership.

Only the Board, at a meeting, may remove a Board member. Every Board member has a right to motion a vote to remove a Board member. A simple majority of all Board members is required for removal. The removal is confirmed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts

§ 5. Election of the Editor-in-Chief

Members of the EB elect an Editor-in-Chief from among themselves. The Editor-in-Chief is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

§ 6. Staff

The staff of the journal Judaica Olomoucensia is made up of the Editor-in-Chief and editors. Editors are appointed by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts upon nomination by the Editor-in-Chief. Editors may be Board members.

§ 7. Removal of an editor

An editor may be removed by the Editor-in-Chief. The removal is confirmed by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts. An editor may also resign in person to the Editor-in-Chief.

Welcome to Judaica Olomoucensia!

- a peer-­reviewed academic journal of Jewish Studies

- published by the Kurt and Ursula Schubert Centre for Jewish Studies at Palacky University in Olomouc since 2013

- Editor-­in-­Chief: Dr. Louise Hecht

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