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At the present time there is an apparent lack of knowledge of Jewish issues and regional politics of the Middle East on various planes of public life. We assume that Jewish Studies will help to correct a lot of incorrectness that appears in public discourse and that it will help to raise the awareness of Jewish issues and significantly improve the research of those areas of Jewish Studies in our republic that were put into seclusion for decades during the Communist regime.

The Master’s program provides students with the opportunity for individual specialization in the field depending on the student’s diploma project. Graduates of two-year follow-up program will have a wide knowledge of Jewish and Israeli Studies issues through the interdisciplinary study as well as the linguistic competence to study Jewish sources.

Undergraduate BA Studies

Graduates will be able to read and interpret both biblical and modern Hebrew texts, Yiddish/Arabic (including archival documents, old Hebrew texts and Jewish tombstones). Graduate will be able to work in archives and libraries with Hebrew collections, in museums with Hebrew and Yiddish artifacts. Graduates will be able to work in cultural-political sphere (publishing houses, cultural and cultural-political, cultural educational institutions), where they will differ from their competitors on the job market in their competence in languages and professional knowledge of Jewish and Israeli studies including Near East topics.

Graduate Studies

Graduates can find employment where deep knowledge of Jewish history and culture and ability of creative and scientific thinking is required, i.e. in cultural and public life, in journalism, in publishing houses, cultural and educational institutions, or in scientific and research jobs in archives and museums. Graduate will differ from their competitors in the labor market particularly in their linguistic competence and deep insight into the problems of Jewish and Israeli studies, including the Middle East issues. Graduates will be ready to deepen their specialization through a doctoral program and then continue their research in a scientific institution or university.

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