CJS Library

Students and the public are invited to use the library materials in-library only. It is possible to photocopy select parts of books.

Kurt and Ursula Schubert Center for Jewish Studies Library

třída Svobody 26

772 00 Olomouc


Library hours: by appointment

Contant person: Mgr. Daniel Soukup, Ph.D.



CJS Library offers a valuable specialized library consisting of mostly foreign publications which are often not available in regional libraries nor in such libraries as the Jewish Museum in Prague.

CJS is thankful mostly to its sponsors and patrons for the content of the library. Daniel Melchet donated to the Center in 2007. This gift was used to finance the first library acquisitions that became the basis of the newly founded Nina and Ben Melchet-Salpeter Library which contains circa 1300 items today.

Futher enlargement of the Library was made possible thanks to Respekt a tolerance, an association that provided access to the collections of its Dr. Stanton Canter Library for students and staff of the Center. Jüdisches Museum, St. Pölten donated the complete series of Encyklopaedia Judaica to the Library. A significant part of the Library collection is composed of the former private library of the late Professor Schubert whose bequest provided more than 800 items.

The gift of Chaim Frank from the Dokumentations-Archiv für Jüdische Kultur und Geschichte in Munich widened the collection by more than a thousand items, containing among others Judaica, studies focused on recent history, art history and a sizable amount of periodicals.

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