The most important projects 2004-2016

Czech Short Prose – An Critical Edition, FF UP IGA 2015-2016

Literary Relations of Hebrew and Latin Literature in Medieval and Early Modern Times: Berechja ben Natronaj ha-Nakdan and The Reception of His Works, GAČR, 2014-2016

Victimae paschali: Easter Ritual and its Influence on Anti-Jewish Violence in the Late Medieval Czech Lands, The Rothschild Foundation Europe, 2014-2015

Jewish Printing Culture Between Brno, Prague and Vienna, 1750-1850, FF UP IGA, 2014-2015

Rabbinic Literature in Moravia from the Fifteenth to the Nineteenth Century, the seventh framework program of EU – Marie Curie. 7. RP EU-Marie Curie European Re-integration Grant, 02/2010-01/2013

Challenging the Narrative of Czech Jewish History in the Early Modern and Modern Period, Rothschild Foundation, Academic Jewish Studies In Europe Grant Program – Support for Institutional Development, The Rothschild Foundation Europe, 2009-2013

The Transformation of Ashkenazi Jewish Culture in the Early Modern Period, the sixth framework program of EU-Marie Curie, 6. RP EU-Marie Curie European Fellowship, 2007-2008

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