International relations

Throughout its existence CJS built a net of international relations with many renowned institutions. The department is also involved in structures providing financial support to studies abroad (Erasmus+). Every semester one or two students of CJS study abroad and the credits acquired at the foreign universities are acknowledged as part of their regular studies.

Cooperation with Jewish studies departments: 

  • Vienna, Budapest, Krakow

Cooperation with institutions:

  • University of Haifa, Jerusalem, Trier, Düsseldorf,   Dresden, Potsdam, Heidelberg, Graz, CEU and ELTE in Budapest and Wroclaw

Co-financing of both internal and external researches and lecturers via international donators:

  • EU-Fellowship Marie Curie, Fellowship of the Rothschild Foundation, ESF, Program MOEL

Program Erasmus+:

  • Hebrew University in Jerusalem, University of Wroclaw

Map of Jewish studies Institutions

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